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At our pubs we are as food obsessed as any Labrador or Cockapoo, so have doggy menus packed with delicious and nutritious treats.

When looking for healthy snacks for our menus, we looked no further than our pal Denzel. 

Denz hand-bakes tasty treats in his bakery just outside of London. He uses 100% natural ingredients, zero added salt, sugar, grain or nasties.... Just the ticket for our doggy guests. 

Also on our menus, keen noses will sniff out the popular breakfast sausages, the odd pigs ear and in the warmer months, delicious vegetable based Pupsicles from Danns of Norfolk.



When it comes to keeping your pups hydrated, we have all bases covered. 

From our own Woofy IPA (the finest East Anglian tap water), to Bottom Sniffer Beer and Posh Pooch Wine, our menus bring new meaning to hair of the dog!

Each of our pubs offer water stations in their gardens and team members will likely serve your pooch a bowl of fresh water before a cold pint or glass of Prosecco reaches your lips.

To peruse the doggy tipple choices, click on the button below. Bear in mind that each of our pubs curate their own doggy menus so items available may differ. 

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