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Is there anything more exciting than miles of sand or pebbles that smell like seaweed and sea creatures?  Sounds like hound heaven to us!

We are lucky enough to have three destination pubs on the coastline of Norfolk and Suffolk where Salty Sea Dogs can go about living their best life. 

The Ship is a two-minute walk from dog-friendly Dunwich beach - a hive of activity in the summer and a super walk out of season too. The Westleton Crown sits just inland and makes for an ideal pitstop on our Inn to Inn route.

The Wells Quay is a short stroll from The Globe, just down Staithe Street. From there, we recommend our Sea View Saunter route to Holkham and back by beach and woodland.

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For those who scamper, snuffle and sniff and are partial to poking their heads in freshly dug rabbit holes - we have just the walks for you.

You won't have to wander too far from our pubs before you stumble across beautiful countryside and woodland. 

One of our favourite walks is our 5 mile Studland Stomp. A round route that begins at The Three Blackbirds and takes you on an adventure through woodland - Plenty of scents to catch from local wild deer herds, to hares, and foxes. 


This route also passes over fields and the studlands at the heart of horseracing country. You'll no doubt come across a horse or two, so make sure you have your lead close to hand.



Are you a city slicking labradoodle seeking a break from the busy pace of urban life? 

At our country pubs we can promise fields as far as the eye can see, perfect for snuffling and hole digging.

Holt Country Park is pawfect for a rural adventure. From the front door of The Feathers, embark on an hour long adventure and discover park, woodland and the Sprout Hill pond.

A bit further West, we would recommend The Carpenters Arms Welly Boot Wander across the Cambridgeshire countryside. This route explores village, fen and common - and you may need your wellingtons in Winter.



If diving into rivers after your favourite ball tops your priority list, you are in luck! We can recommend two excellent walks that allow for a good dunk. 


In Moulton, near Newmarket, a well loved route known locally as The Three Churches begins at The Packhorse. The route tracks the river, through woodland, field and along country lanes. For the best launching spot for a swim, speak to a team member for the local secrets. 

Constable Country is usually at the top of the human list of great scenery along beautiful walking routes. However, it is also the pawfect place for a river swim. Our round route from The Crown in Stoke by Nayland skirts the River Box in AONB Dedham Vale.

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